SHIM SHAM Variations Workshop with Carry

SHIM SHAM Variations Workshop with Carry

Start Date: 
Thursday, November 12, 2020

Learn Shim Sham Variations with Carry. 

If you love dancing choreos, it's time for you to register. Carry will practice some choreo stuff with you every once in a while and this workshop is about the famous Shim Sham. But it's not only about basics, it's about variations of the basic moves to spice it up a little. Come and swing by, but register first. ;)

Location: Görres Gymnasium, Königsallee 57, Düsseldorf (Gymnastikhalle on the 1st floor) 

ALTERNATE Entrance: Breite Str./ Bastionstraße (Room N119)

When: 12.11.2020


19:30-21:30 Training 90mins with a short break

Training includes basic moves, especially variations, and Cool-down