Lindy Hop mit Swing Times - Level 2

Lindy Hop mit Swing Times - Level 2

Start Date: 
Thursday, November 19, 2020

Level: Intermediate+
Requirements: You have been dancing for several months and already have some social dance experience. You are able to lead or follow elementary Lindy and Charleston moves. You know the fundamental concepts of the dance and are able to put them into practice on the dance floor.
Level description: In this level we will challenge you with more complex figures and tricky variations of some moves you already know. We will teach you the necessary techniques for combining 6 count, 8 count and Charleston moves. Furthermore we will deal with rhythmic variations, musicality and techniques for a faster music tempo.
What does the “+” behind the level designation mean? In this level we´ll try to challenge you every now and then, i. e. we will teach some contents that go slightly beyond the intermediate level. So even if you consider yourself an Intermediate Advanced dancer, this class is the right fit for you!
Note: For a class to be successful, we should strive to have dancers with a level as uniform as possible. Therefore: If you want to dance in a higher level, just contact us. We know your personal development and will be happy to advise you as good as we can.

Location: Görres Gymnasium, Königsallee 57, Düsseldorf (Gymnastikhalle on the 1st floor) 

ALTERNATE Entrance: Breite Str./ Bastionstraße (Room N119)

When: 19.11.2020

Schedule: 20:45-21:45

Costs: 10€ each, must be paid in advance


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