Level Descriptions & Track

Level Description

In our courses, workshops and trainings we change partners. You can register without a partner.

Beginner: People with no experience or very limited experience. Introduction to Lindy Hop: In this level, you have a basic introduction to connection, groove and Lindy Hop. Triple Steps: After building the basics, this level focuses on triple step syncopation.

Beginner-Plus: 3-6 months of dancing, with basic understanding of technique, rhythm and dancing. Lindy Hop Charleston: This level is where you have the basic introduction to Lindy Hop Charleston, with kicks, energy and essential variations. Introduction to Swing-out: One of the backbones of Lindy Hop, Swing-outs are introduced in this level

Intermediate: 6-12 months of dancing, with good understanding of musicality, variations and body awareness. Charleston Variations: You get more involved in Charleston, with Tandem and hand-to-hand variations
Swing-out 2: More focus on swing-out energy, variations and connection

Intermediate-Plus: 1-2 years of dancing combined with practice, workshops and international festivals

Advanced: Many years of dancing with self-practice, top-classes in international festivals and deep understanding.