Level Descriptions & Track


We use the following levels to describe our tracks and drop-in courses.

Beginner: People with no experience or very limited experience
Beginner-Intermediate: 3-6 months of dancing, with basic understanding of technique, rhythm and dancing
Intermediate: 6-12 months of dancing, with good understanding of musicality, variations and body awareness
Intermediate-Advanced: 1-2 years of dancing combined with practice, workshops and international festivals
Advanced: Many years of dancing with self-practice, top-classes in international festivals and deep understanding.


Lindy Hop Track:

Our Lindy Hop Cirriculum is based on 8 progressive block courses. This means, the content of the classes are built on top of each other, and participants are expected to attend most of the classes. These 8 courses are generally offered as weekly 1-hour classes or intensive weekend workshops. You can check our regular courses page to see our upcoming courses.

The Lindy Hop Track aims to get you from Absolute-Beginner Level to Intermediate Level in about a year. Please note; at any time, you can also take additional workshops on your level.

Beginner Track (2 Courses)

Course 1 - Introduction to Lindy Hop: In this level, you have a basic introduction to connection, groove and Lindy Hop. 
Course 2 - Triple Steps: After building the basics, this level focuses on triple step syncopation.

Beginner-Intermediate Track (2 Courses)

Course 3 - Lindy Hop Charleston: This level is where you have the basic introduction to Lindy Hop Charleston, with kicks, energy and essential variations.
Course 4 - Introduction to Swing-out: One of the backbones of Lindy Hop, Swing-outs are introduced in this level

Intermediate Track (4 Courses)

Course 5 - Charleston Variations: You get more involved in Charleston, with Tandem and hand-to-hand variations
Course 6 - Swing-out 2: More focus on swing-out energy, variations and connection
Course 7 - Musicality and Body Awareness: This is the level where it gets deep, technical, and beautiful. 
Course 8 - Fast and Slow Dancing: All the songs are danceable. After this track, you can dance to anything from 40 bpm to 250 bpm.